Hotel and Resort Management

Financial Management: Scottford’s focus on driving bottom line results begins with the implementation of systems and reports that deliver key information to property leaders. This keeps them focused on decision making that results in higher profits.

Daily P&L, Monthly P&L, Daily Bookings Report, Weekly Cash Flow.

Sales and Marketing:  At Scottford we, have a strong commitment to sales and marketing. Our sales teams are aligned with the market and hotel strategies and we are aggressive in our respective markets. We are committed to sales training and to providing our sales teams with the tools to “get the job done”. Our sales goals reflect high expectations and our incentive plans are generous.

Provide weekly group booking backlog, Target Multi-National accounts, Focused corporate, association and SMERF strategies, Provide a strong internet strategy, strong social marketing program, Industry affiliations, internal and external sales offices.

Guest Service: More than ever before, our guests have choices for accommodations. We know that by providing a quality experience from a gracious team of service professionals that our guest base will continually build. We focus on hiring the right people with the right attitude. The Scottford Attitude for Excellence ™, a program that focuses on providing excellent service is compulsory for all employees and sets the stage for delivering on our service promise. Although we utilize industry standard systems to monitor our guest’s comments, we know that face-to-face interaction with our guests is our best resource for information that will keep guests returning and referring us to others.

Scottford Attitude for Excellence, Scottford Standards of Service, Exemplary Service, the Scottford Way.

Human Resources: Having high expectations for delivering outstanding service provides the basis for attracting the best employees. Our job standards reflect these expectations. Our HR team’s primary focus is to assure that the best people are working for us. We are accessible to those that apply with us and undergo many in-person interviews. We are committed to “hiring for attitude” and continual learning. We structure positions to allow for cross utilization of employees therefore allowing us to provide more work hours for our core team.

Revenue Management: We utilize revenue management reporting tools that allow us to focus on decision making and minimize the amount of time we spend compiling data. We spend significant resources ensuring that our revenue management team is well trained and current with today’s options to penetrate the channels that produce the best results.

Electronic Yield Programs, Electronic Rate View Utilities to assure rate parity, Focused SEO Strategies, Dedicated Revenue Manager.